Friday, August 30, 2013

Parent Note

We will be closed on Monday for Labor Day. Have a blessed and safe long weekend! See everyone on Tuesday!

Kain's ME Bag

Kain was absent when the children talked about their ME bags, so he loved having the floor all to himself today. See that look on his face? It's because he has the biggest spider in that bag! To scare me
Kain showing me that spider. He loved it each time I screamed.
He is so silly. He told me he was going to bring it every day! Ha!

Super Heroes Everywhere!

Vallen's Nana loves him so much! She even wore a matching shirt and cape to school this morning! It just so happened that Casey had his Super Hero shirt on also! I love it!

Zero the Hero

Zero the Hero is an imaginary Hero that visits our classroom every 10 days until we reach 100 days of school. This  helps the children learn to count to 100. Every 10 classroom days, the children are "visited" by Zero the Hero and he always brings them a prize shaped like a zero. His day to visit our classroom was Tuesday but I forgot so he visited our classroom yesterday. He left his red cape on the sidewalk outside our classroom and left the children bubbles. They had the best time. I love their sense of wonder at this age!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chapel Services

I love that they have divided up the Chapel services for the upper and lower grades. The little ones really enjoyed the service this morning. 

Dino Walking

ME Bags

Listening Ears

Cirsten had already gone home and Rhett didn't want to put his on. Other than those two, this is our class with their Listening Ears on.