Thursday, February 27, 2014



All morning, Vallen kept asking for a piece of paper. he didn't even want to play in centers-he just wanted a piece of paper. Finally, I asked why? and he said "because it's my Nana's birthday and I want to draw her some hearts." What a sweet boy. So Happy Birthday- Nana! You are loved.

Literary Rally

So proud of Tracer and the others from our school who had the chance to participate in Literary rally. Jacob T. even gets to go to state! Way to go Jacob. We are proud of all of you!!!!!!
Sorry about the quality of the picture. It's on the IPad. Others were testing in other parts of the building.

Ready for March

We are so ready for Spring! We are tired of Winter and the children are going stir crazy because they are not getting to play outside very much. So today we made our kites and the children "flew" them outside. They had the best time! They burned some energy and got some fresh air.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sweetest Little Hearts
Blowing Kisses- So Sweet!!!!!
Thanks for all my Valentine Gifts- I have the best Class Parents!
Tracer is 15- So only "cool" Valentines for Him!

Monday, February 10, 2014

No school tomorrow



Valentine Party will be on Friday, Feb. 14th @ 2:00. We will be serving punch and cupcakes. We have asked that each parent send their Valentine Boxes, cards for all children(in a zip lock bag) and either goody bags or individual items such as coloring books, play dough, heart shaped straws, heart shaped sunglasses, bubbles, etc.  for each child. Pleas send in boxes and cards ASAP! Thank You


AnnaBeth said- "This is you Mrs. Tammy." Yes, AnnaBeth that is exactly how I feel some days!!!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Mrs. Hilary

The children were asked how old they thought Mrs. Hilary was going to be ( After all - ESTIMATION is a MATH skill)Ha! and their answers were so funny. Rayleigh said 18 first so that's why she was Mrs. Hilary's favorite of the moment!!! The children call her - Mrs. Herewerewee! So cute. Shhh she is 25!


Wow! 3 times in 1 year. Unheard of in Louisiana. Mrs. Hilary noticed it first and it was coming down pretty good. The little ones enjoyed looking at it and I let them go outside and feel it. Some even wanted to taste it. Call it a lesson in  4 of the 5 senses (SEE-TOUCH-TASTE- FEEL)


Just thought I would share some pictures of some things I received for Christmas that have brought me joy during these long, dreary days of Winter.
Love this little burlap pillow with a very special word on it-FAITH
I love keeping up with special days on this calendar
Love this saying
My husband surprised me with this chalk drawing of our son from over 7 years ago. I am such a procrastinator that it was still in a poster tube from Galveston. He had it preserved. matted, and framed. It was a beautiful surprise and I love seeing it everyday in our hallway.
This book was a very sweet read. I stumbled across her blog a few years back and was very excited to read this special story about finding beauty in the unexpected.
A favorite saying
Love this cookbook. To tell the truth I love all 3 of her cookbooks and her autobiography.
And of course, I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks! Not just for the recipes but also for the stories and decorating ideas that are in them.
So look around and find something that brightens your day!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Tracer and Seth enjoyed a Youth Day hunt with Gerald and Mr. Jeremy at Mr. Jeremy's camp.