Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Happy Birthday to one of my little ones! His mom made the cutest cupcakes! She even brought blowers and balloons for the children.
Have a great Birthday and never forget we love you!

Apology/4-H State Ambassador Talks/ and Third Day Concert

Please except my apology for not keeping our classroom blog current. To say I have been so very busy would be an understatement. Hopefully, I can work on getting caught up this weekend. However, I am so very thankful for God's blessings on our school, my classroom family, and my family. God is so good. This week we had to travel to Baton Rouge for Tracer to compete at LSU in the Level 2 Seafood Ambassador Talk. He placed 3rd and won a Bronze Metal. We are so proud of him!!! As a special treat for placing at state, we surprised him with tickets to the Third Day, Josh Wilson, and  Colton Dixon concert. Well- I found out I am officially over the hill! The flashing lights, loud music, singing, and clapping and I had a MAJOR headache! I can't believe I actually use to attend even louder concerts "back in the day"!  He had a great time. His 2 favorite things besides seeing the band was getting Third Day drum sticks and an autographed used drum pad. He has taken drum lessons for over 8 months now, so he really was thrilled about getting these two prized items! He enjoyed seeing some of the guys from Duck Dynasty on stage too! We saw several students from our school,  Bro. Mel and his family there also!