Friday, September 28, 2012


Phonics:  Sounds of letter O
Writing:  Letter O
Color: Orange
Shape: Triangle
Spanish Word: School - la escuela
Language Development: Ostrich/ Opposites
Bible Story: Issac, the promised son
Bible Verse: "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalms 139: 14
Art: Fall Art
Numbers: 4 & 5  Counting 0-20
Sign Language: Orange
Concepts: Over/Under
October Family Project: October Pumpkin
Nursery Rhyme: Little Miss Muffet
Poetry : Whisky Frisky
Letter Story: Oscar Otter
Community Helper: Obstetrician

Lower case o - like a little round cookie
Capital O - like a big, round pizza

Special Days: Zero the Hero  30 Days of Learning!!!!  Monday, October 1st

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Look how cute their people are!

Parent/child connection for September

Johnny Appleseed Day

Oh, the Lord's been good to me.
And so I thank the Lord
For giving me the things I need:
The sun. the rain. and the apple seed;
Oh, the Lord's been good to me.
                                              John Chapman  (Johnny Appleseed)

The children looked adorable dressed up like Johnny Appleseed! We had so much fun today. We read the children apple books, Johnny Appleseed books,and the story of the Green house with no door, no windows, and a star inside. The children also acted out the different parts of the story as it was read. Rhett was the apple holder, Gracie was the girl dancer, Halli was the Grandmother in the rocking chair, and Damon was the wind. All the other children made the sounds for the story. They were so excited when I cut into the Apple and they saw the star inside the apple!  We also have been learning about the parts of an apple. After lunch the children watched the movie of Johnny Appleseed. Our class will be ready to make applesauce tomorrow with all of our apples!  If someone would like to bring a gallon of vanilla ice cream for the apples to be poured over, please call me at home between 3 and 5.  Thanks!


Phonics:  Sounds of A (short)

Writing: Letters A a

Shape: Circle

Color: Red

Spanish Word: Rojo

Language Development: Alaska,Ants, Apples, Astronant

Bible Verse: "All things were made by Him." John 1:3

Bible: Abraham and Lot

Art: Johnny Appleseed

Number: 3

Sign Language: Red

Special Days:  Johnny Appleseed

Concepts: Above and Beyond

Poetry: "What  is it?" Mary Louise Allen

Letter Story: Alexandra Alligator

Community Helper: Airline Pilot

Capital A- looks like an Indian Tepee                                                                                                       Lower a- like a ball with a stick to keep it from rolling away

Test Friday on Bible Verse John 1-3  *Sorry the note wasn't sent home on time- we have been saying in in class. If they have trouble on Friday, I will retest on Monday.  Thanks!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


REMEMBER  JOHNNY APPLESEED DAY TOMORROW!!!!!!  Dress your child in their jeans/overalls, pan on their head or coon skin cap, stick and bandana with apples in it! Have fun!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Everyone made 100 on spelling the color word-RED!!!!   We are working on holding our pencil correctly and holding our scissors correctly while cutting. Continue practicing at home with these two skills. We use STETRO pencil grips on our pencils. They help teach the correct way to hold a pencil. You can find these at THE TEACHER SUPPPLY STORE IN MONROE for around 40 cents each.

Prayer needed

Please say a prayer for all of are little ones. It seems like this coughing bug is just making its rounds in our room. We have had someone sick and out of school everyday this week! Please pray that they will all feel better soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Daily Schedule

7:30/8:00                Arrival and Breakfast
8:00/8:10                Pledge,Prayer, Announcements
8:10/8:45                PE with Mrs. Melissa in Gym
8:45/9:00                Readiness Skills
9:00/9:30                Morning Meeting/Calendar Math/ Circle Time
9:30/9:45                Phonics
9:45/10:00              Bible Lesson/Music
10:00/10:10            Recess
10:10/10:30            AM Snack
10:30/10:40            Story-Time
10:40/11:00            Writing
11:00/11:15            Fine-Motor Skills
11:15/11:50            Lunch
11:50/12:20            Art
12:20/12:50            TV  Time and/or  Centers
12:50/2:15              Nap
2:15/2:30                PM Snack
2:30/2:50                Review/centers

*Subject to change

Monday, September 17, 2012

LOOK WHAT WE ARE LEARNING!   September 17th-21st

Phonics: Sound of E and review of I and U
Writing: Letter E e
Shape: Circle
Color: Red
Spanish Word: Rojo - Red
Language Development: England, Eskimo, Eggs, Edison
Bible Story: Part 1 of Noah
Bible Verse: "All things were made by Him." John 1:3
Bible Song: Jesus loves me
Art: Elephant Art
Counting 0-10
Sign Language: Red
Special Days: Monday- 17th  Zero the Hero
Concepts: Exit/Enter
September Family Project: Me Person
Nursery Rhyme: Jack and Jill
Poetry: Happy Thought by Robert Louis Stevenson
Letter Story: Ellie the Elephant
Community Helper: Executive

Happy Birthday, Rhett!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

So thankful for such a beautiful day! The reasons I love this time of the year is-

1. Beautiful Days
2. Cotton Fields
3. Pumpkins
4. Leaves
5.Family get togethers
6. Outdoor flea-markets

Maybe this weather will put me in the mood to decorate for fall!

Friday, September 14, 2012

After school on a Friday

Went to Spotted Dog for some Teal Duck decoys for the guys and ran into Brooke and Jeremy. Then while we were at Academy for waders, I ran into an old friend from Olla. It was really nice to see Gale again.  Seems like everyone is getting ready for hunting season. My boys really get into it, me,  not so much. I remember -many years ago- going with Gerald to the hunting camp. I brought 2 fluffy pillows,a thick throw, a book light, a book, and about 4 magazines. The look on Gerald's face was priceless! He never made a big deal about me going with him again! I guess it's just not my thing! I like sleeping late and I don't care anything about getting out in the cold. Ha! Give me a good book, my big, comfy bed and I'm all set!  So to all of you that are going hunting, may your season be a safe & blessed one and for all of those who prefer not to go, may you enjoy this season also! God bless!!!
The children had so much fun reading with the First Graders under their umbrellas! It was really good to see my 1st grade babies. I know they are growing up and they are not babies anymore but to me they will always be "my babies". I loved hearing them read to my little ones. I have been so blessed to have these sweet little children as a part of my life. Even though I only have one biological child, God has blessed me with many more to love and I am so thankful. Even on your worst days, they can bring a smile to your face.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Helper Bears

ALL the children made 100 A on their Bible verse test!   So proud of them!  Even though this group of 14 wears me out, they are still so sweet!   We finally got around to putting up their Helper Bears and they are really liking that they each have a job to do. It was really hard coming up with 14 different jobs for our class but it makes each and every one of them feel so important.

Love this saying!

" A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a lamp to be lit."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Upcoming Field Trips

Pumpkin Patch and Kiroli Park      October 18th
Twin City Ballet Christmas Production   Last week of November

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Thanks to all of you who ordered from Scholastic. We had over $176.00 worth of books sold! We  can't wait to purchase new items for our class with the Bonus Points Earned. Thanks!
Books should be in tomorrow.
Loving our new Treasure Chest!

The children are pretending they are underground animals! They are learning about aboveground and underground. They had so much fun!

Fall Decorating or lack there of- Ha

I ALWAYS  decorate for Fall-except this year. We have all been so very busy that I just haven't had the time to decorate very much this year and I LOVE fall!  Maybe I will have some time this weekend. Is it just me or do the days just pass by so fast?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Mexican chicken casserole
Fish Stick /Fries                                                                                                                                        Lima Beans/Sausage
Tacos/Corn/Cinnamon Rolls

A lesson in Pre K

A couple of weeks ago we did the "Wrinkled Heart Activity" in our classroom. I had a cut out heart shape and I asked the children to tell me different things that might heart their feelings. As each one gave an example, I quietly made a crease in the heart. When they were finished, I showed them the wrinkled heart. They all tried to get the wrinkles out but they still left an impression on the heart. We talked about how you can't take back words that hurt and for us all to try not to wrinkle each other's heart. They have really tried so hard to not say hurtful things. I hear them telling each other-"Please don't wrinkle my heart." So adorable! Maybe this is something you could use at home. I also teach them to say- "I apologize " instead of "I'm sorry" . In one of my Early Childhood classes we had a teacher that said "Sorry is a condition- teach them to apologize instead."

Wrinkled Heart Poem

Before you speak
Think and be smart
It's hard to fix
A wrinkled Heart.

September 10th-14th Weekly Skills


Phonics: Sounds of Letter U
Writing: Letter Uu
Shape: Circle
Color: Red
Spanish Word: Rojo (red)
Language Development: Underground
Bible: Creation/Adam and Eve
Bible Verse: "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth."Gen.1:1
Bible Song: God loves Me
Art: Umbrella Art
Number: 0 and 1
Sign Language: Red
Special Days: Cooking an upside down cake
Red Day & Blowing Bubbles for Circle shape
Concepts: up/down
Family Project: "ME" decorative person
Nursery Rhyme: Jack and Jill
Poetry: Happy Thought by Robert Louis Stevenson
Letter Story: Uppity Umbrella Bird
Community Helper: US Coastguard
Parts of a book: Cover

*Parents: Please continue to work with your child on their fine motor skills. We start using pencils this week and some of the children do not use the correct "Pincher Grasp." A Parent newsletter on fine Motor skills will be sent home this week.

Test on Bible Verse this week!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thanks to all!

Thanks to all of the Parents and Grandparents who showed up at the park for Grandparent's Day. Thank you for braving the EXTREMELY hot weather. Hope all of the Grandparent's enjoyed the gifts from the Pre k and K classes. Thanks again for showing up and thanks to Halli's mom and grandmother for bringing extra dessert and drinks. Thanks to all who helped serve and clean up- We couldn't do it without all of you! We are blessed to have such wonderful parents and Grandparents at our school!  Pictures coming soon!

Learning Center Time and Aaron is all tired out!

Listening Ears and Scenes from a Pre-k 4 Classroom