Monday, September 30, 2013

All about Johnny Appleseed

We had so much fun learning about Johnny Appleseed. Pictures coming soon!!

I Love Fall!

Lots of Happy Birthday Wishes!!!

Yes - today is my birthday. I'm 25 again. Thanks for all the birthday wishes that have come my way. It is  Kasen's birthday today also. Happy Birthday Kasen! Also my mom keeps the sweetest little girl named Natalie and today she became a big sister. Happy Birthday Laken Reese. (Hope I spelled that correctly) all 8lbs and 8 ounces of you! Since my birthday came on a Monday, we plan on celebrating this weekend. Tracer did take me out to eat on Sunday. He is so sweet! He loves his mom even if he won't give me kisses in public anymore! (He is almost 15) My best friend from Shongoloo and her 2 adorable daughters , surprised me with a beautiful vase of fall flowers. The pictures were taken during nap time so their true colors are not showing up but they are so beautiful.  These truly made my day and I love the card. Forever it seems we have called each other the Queen of our hometowns.  I know it's silly but life is so full of grown up stuff that it helps to add a little humor in the midst of it. I remember one time when she came to visit, I had placed signs down the road where I lived with sayings like Welcome Queen and Welcome Queen of Shongoloo. She is always their for me even if it is in the middle of the night and I always try to be a listening ear for her. We may live several hours apart but it seems like we are next door to each other. She is also a Pre-K Teacher so we always share stories about our day. Thanks Leslie for always being  a friend I can count on and thanks Aubree and Ashtyn! Aunt Tammy loves you both.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Glorious Fall


A look into Pre K 4

Loving the owl that Mrs. Hilary made and I adore the little owls that the little ones made. So cute!
Cute Progress Report Folders- Each child has one.
Love their "All About Me" People
Our classroom Family Tree. A few of our Family Pics haven't made it up on the tree yet.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Good Turnout for our Parent/Teacher Conferences! If I could stress anything to you, it is to work on helping your child know the letters and sounds of each letter introduced. Point out letters and their sounds everywhere you go. If you eat at Olive Garden and you know we have been learning the I,
u, and the e, point that out to them. Say look here is the i and e. Let's say their sound. I says ____like igloo and the e says _____like elephant. The Letter Factory DVD by LeapFrog sings the same songs that we sing in class and shows the letters and makes the sounds for the children. Remember we are learning the short sounds of the vowels not the long sounds. Ex. For A- Apple not Acorn


Phonics: Sounds of letter A, E, I, O, and U
Writing:  LetterAa
Color: Red
Spanish Word: Red  (Rojo)
Language Development: Apples, Ants, Africa, Astronaut
Bible Story: Issac, The promised Son
Bible Verse: "All things were made by Him." John 1:3
Art: Owl Art
Numbers:0,1,2, and introducing 3
September Family Project: All About "ME"!
Nursery Rhyme: 1,2 Buckle my Shoe
Letter Story: Alexander Alligator
Community Helper: Airline Pilot
How to write the CAPITAL LETTER A=  Looks like an Indian Teepee with a door. Make a slanted stick in the upstairs and the downstairs. Then make another one. Make a door right between them on the dotted line.

LOWER CASE a= Little a lives in the downstairs. He looks like a ball with a stick to keep it from rolling away. Make a nice round ball in the downstairs. Then make a straight stick on the side to keep it from rolling away.

Special Days: We will celebrate Johnny Appleseed's Birthday on Monday, September 30th. Please dress your child up like Johnny Appleseed. This is a fun day for all!!!!!  You may look back on last years September/October Post and get ideas. This is always a fun day full of learning all about Johnny Appleseed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Rhett!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

The cutest snack!

I just had to take a picture of the cutest snack that AnnaBeth and her mommy(Ashley) made for the class today! So adorable!

Grandparent's Day Pics.

Thanks for sharing a special day with us!