Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They are so funny!

Halli- The bathroom is located next to our classroom. The paper towel dispenser is noisy and often sounds like a bear growling. Halli was standing next to that wall when she heard it. She said(holding her tummy) "Oh- my tummy is hungry."

Maci- Overheard during Center time- "I can't live with my parents- they don't have arms." *Her mom informed me they had watched the movie Soul Surfer the night before.

Important news in our Classroom

Parents- Please remember to collect those Sunny D UPC labels. We can receive 20 FREE books for our class!

*Thanks for your Scholastic Book order! We earned 1,110 Bonus Points to purchase books and/or educational items for our class. Thanks!!!!

Camo day tomorrow for the Pep Rally. Please feel free to join us @ 2P.M.  Also,  Gumbo Supper and volleyball game tomorrow beginning @ 5.

Thanks to all who attended our PTO meeting last night.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reading Buddies !

Today we started our Reading Buddies program. For 10/15 minutes, once a week the 6th grade reading class will come to our room to read to the children. They will occasionally help with a literacy project we are working on. They pick a child and read to that child at least 1 book. The children LOVED this and Mrs. Melissa told me that her 6th graders were equally excited! This encourages both groups to foster a love of reading. I LOVE books and read to the children several times a day. Books are so important- I can not stress this enough. Read to your child. I posted pictures showing the childrens first day with their Reading Buddies. I also included pictures of the letters and gifts that Twink, the Back to school fairy left them while they were napping. Speaking of naps-  look how sweet!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Zero the Hero and First Field Trip!

The children so enjoyed celebrating our 10th day of schoolFriday. While they were napping "Zero the Hero" snuck into our classroom and left them Zero the Hero Flashcards. When the children woke up, we went on a school wide hunt for Zero. He is really fast and he left in a hurry. They were so excited to look in each classroom and up the stairs for a sign of him. We finally did find his special cape caught in the back door by our classroom and he had left them silly balloons also!  Today, (Monday) we took our first field trip to the library to learn all about germs in the germ tent. We were so very pleased to see that our childrens parents took the time to attend the field trip with their children. We have never taken a field trip this early in the year but it was local and with the amount of children we have we are able to do more with them.

Friday, August 26, 2011



The children have picked up on the routines in our classroom really well! They amaze me with the way they remember what is suppose to happen next. This is a loving group of children and they love helping each other in the classroom and helping us keep the room in order.  We have started the Abeka program and will begin homework in September. Please remember to send your child's B.E.E. Binder daily. Thanks

Bible: Creation & God Made Me
Bible Song: Be careful little eyes what you see
Bible verse: "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth."
Prayer: Class Prayer - located in your child's B.E.E. Binder
Letters: Introducing the letter Ii
Phonics: Sound of the letter Ii
Shape: Circle
Color: Red
Handwriting: Letter Ii and practicing name recognition
Skills: Fine Motor and tracing on dotted lines
Number: Zero (0)
Theme: All about Me
Parts of a book: Cover
Language Development: God made me
Poem/ Fingerplay:  Indian Child
Special Visitor: Zero the Hero
*Please practice the flashcards that we are sending home.
Parent/Child connection project is an art project that will be sent home each month for you to complete with your child. This months project is  "All about Me" .

*Zero the Hero is an imaginary friend who loves numbers that end in "0". We will celebrate every 10 days of school with a "visit' from Zero. You may view the music video of Zero at School House Rock on the internet. When we reach 100 days of school , we have a special celebration.

*Parents: Please continue to work with your child on his/her fine motor skills. The handouts that we sent home will provide suggestions for you. You may also want to purchase the game- OPERATION. This will help your child with the "pincher grasp" that will strenthen their muscles in their little hands.

*If you have not yet purchased the "Letter Factory" Dvd for your child - please do so now. This video is instrumental in helping your child with the correct sounds of letters. It is from Leapfrog and can be found at Target or Sams.

More pictures and info.

These are random pictures I took of the children in the classroom, at lunch , at P.E. and on the playground. Some of the children are not in my class this year but they were my babies from previous years. I enjoy watching them grow. We would also like to take this time to thank those of you that have brought the snacks for this week. The children enjoyed the cake pops, apple decorated cupcakes, and other goodies you provided. Thanks to April for the tower fan, and Roxanne for the gifts this week. We have always been blessed with the greatest parents in our classrooms here at OBCA! Remember,field trip Monday @ the library, Scholastic Book orders are due ASAP, and we are planning for our Grandparents Day which will be coming up soon. As always- call me with any concerns or questions you may have. - Mrs. Tammy

Thursday, August 25, 2011


We have a special visitor visiting our room on Friday to help us celebrate our 10th day of school! His name is Zero the Hero and he helps us count in our classroom!

Parent/Child connection Project due Monday!

Our first trip will be Monday, August 29th @ the  Parish Library. The children will go for Storytime and a trip to the Germ Tent to learn all about germs! Parents are welcome to attend. We will leave OBCA @ 9:40 and should be back around 10:40.

More funny things they say!

From Halli: "Where do I put this paper? I'm through with this -it's boring!"HA HA

From Kelly Jo(Who does not like the thought of nap time-but falls asleep within 5 min.) Mrs. Tammy can I stay up with you and Mrs. Holly at nap time because I have a lot of energy?!HA HA

This is why I LOVE this age! They always say things that bring a smile to my face!!