Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Funny things kids say!

While trying to color the letter S with a white crayon, Aaron said-"White doesn't have any powers does it Ms. Tammy?". So cute!!!!!!!!!!

Field Trip

Don't forget our class field trip is Friday, November 30th. Please have your child wear Christmas Best for the Ballet.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope all my little turkeys are doing well. It is such a beautiful day today. My husband and son went duck hunting this morning and killed a few ducks. Last night we went to Alexandria to have dinner with Taylor and enjoyed hitting a few flea markets before we met up with her. Found this old sled that I can't wait to paint and put in front of the fireplace. Enjoyed this week -especially  the last part of this week. The first part of the week I was not feeling well but thanks to the good Lord, I'm feeling better now. Enjoyed grilling duck on the grill and spending much needed time with my family. Gerald used one of his vacation weeks to be home with us, so that has been nice.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where are the Turkeys?

OBCA 4-H Cooking Contest

Tracer and his nonnie made a German Chocolate cake for the 4-h cooking contest. He won a blue ribbon and won 1st in the consumer judging contest!

A new Cousin to love

Welcome Owen Paul!! Congrats- Paul and Kelly!!!!

Happy Birthday Tracer!!

Tracer with his war paint on
My own Duck Commanders
Beautiful colors
Gracie joins in the fun!
Today is November 17th. Today my baby turns 14-wow-14. Hard to imagine that he is 14 already. He spent the morning going duck hunting with his dad and he had the best time. Together they killed 7 ducks. He was so excited!  Gracie even came over and helped pluck some of the feathers off the ducks until it became to messy! Happy Birthday Tracer- We love you! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012


We are learning all about the letter H this week so to celebrate we had Crazy Hair Day! They had lots of crazy hair.

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Funny things they say

I told them that they were giving me grey hairs. Damon said- "that's ok Ms. Tammy- I'll take care of you when you are old."  Ok -Damon- get ready!

Mrs. Melissa has asked that if you want your child to wear ANY boots, that you please send them to school in a pair of tennis shoes- they may change into boots later. Even the ones that do not  have a hard sole are causing the children to slip on the gym floor and they can get hurt.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Phonics: Hh
Writing : Hh Color: Brown
Shape: Square
Spanish word: la casa (home)
Language Development: Healthy Bodies,House, Humingbird
Bible Story: Thanksgiving Story
Bible Verse: "My God shall supply all your need." Phil. 4:19
Art: Thanksgiving Art
Numbers:0-7 Write 6
Sign Language: more        bring fingertips together a few times
Special Days: Crazy Hair Day on Thursday, November 6th
Concepts: high/low
November Family Project: Turkey disguised
Nursery rhyme: Humpty Dumpty
Poetry: Head and Shoulders
Letter Story:Homer Horse
Community Helper: Helicopter Pilot

Capital H: looks like Papa Bears big, hard chair
Lower case h: looks like a chair turned sideways with a straight back and a soft seat

*Scholastic Book orders due on Friday!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A visit from Mrs. Penny

The children always love it when Mrs. Penny comes to our room for storytime. They enjoyed hearing stories about Thanksgiving and listening to songs about Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Teddy Bear Picnic

We had our Teddy Bear Picnic today. We talked about bears in Language development a few weeks back and again this morning. We sang bear songs and went on a cool bear hunt with the first graders in the gym! The children made bear head bands and I painted their little noses with brown face paint. After practicing their Christmas music, they went to a picnic lunch on the playground. They had bear-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, and milk. They also had bears favorite- Tootsie Roll pops!
They brought their blankets and their Teddy bears with them. We had a great parent/grandparent turnout! Thanks for all that you do! Noah's mom, Mrs. Jessica was busy with her real patients, but she sent x-ray film, tongue depressors, gauze and "shots". Mrs. Millicent, Aaron's mom, came and brought a doctor kit, band-aids, gloves-leg braces, stickers, the works!!!!!  We had "Certified Nurses Assistants" (CNA'S) aka- parents help Doctor Millicent, Mrs. Hillary was the x-ray technician,Mrs. Carla was the Occupational Therapist, and Mrs. Jennifer filled out the "Insurance claims and handled billing."! Other parents and grandparents helped in the "waiting room." A fun time was had by all! After the Bear Check-up,the children were given a sticker and a bottle of bubbles. When we arrived back in the class, chips were handed out along with a  coloring book about "Teddy goes to the Hospital."(Thanks Millicent!) For P. M. snack, Mrs. Hillary made a Bear cake. Thanks for all you do-Without  you, I would never be able to successfully carry out any of the special days for the children. I believe  that  children need a combination of play and work and that children  "learn through play."
If you ever have any ideas for the class, please let me know. I want the children to love their first school experience.  Pictures coming soon! Now, I need a nap!!!

Count those votes!!!

To help the children learn about the process of voting,the school held a mock vote. I knew our little ones wouldn't understand, so I explained it to them a different way. We read the book, Otto runs for President and they voted on what snack they wanted- Graham crackers or chips. After all the "votes were in, we tallied the votes and the graham crackers won. I took pictures of their reactions and you could tell the who voted for what! The ones that voted for the graham crackers had hands raised and the ones who voted for the chips had their arms crossed and a mad look on their face. Pictures coming soon!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes to Noah (11-8) and Gracie (11-15).   Hope your special days are filled with happiness!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I love Fall!

Fire Safety Day

A day for me

Country Christmas pillow
Metal Drum to go on the table that hold's Tracer's Drum lesson Books
Cute light- once I spray paint it a distressed white - it's small size is perfect for the laundry room
Cute Gate decoration
Christmas movie for the Little ones
Fisher Price Medical sets for the Little's Housekeeping area
Can just see Wildflowers in this next year
Love this old Headboard! Can't wait to clean it up and paint!
I took a personal day off from work on Friday and went to Winnsboro to do a little Flea Market and sidewalk shopping. My husband went with me to 1. load all the heavy things and 2. we like finding neat, old things. Met up with a few friends - While others were busy grabbing up really good deals on electronics and clothes, I was looking for  neat things I can use in decorating inside and outside my home. And, I never pass up a chance to pick up something for my class. I ran into several people from my hometown, including a few teachers from our parish! I guess we all had the same idea! Here are a few of my finds but by far my favorite was the Antique Bed complete with wooden railings that we purchased from a nice business man from Winnsboro for $20.00!!  because after talking with us, he said he knew we would do something with it. I'm actually not going to use it as a bed, I'm going to distress it and put a saying on it for our wall. He told us that his son was in the reclaimed wood business and was tearing down an old antebellum home and that the bed was in the home. He was going to  restore it but he said with his busy lifestyle, he just didn't have the time. He had taken it out of his shed that morning but forgot to put it out with all the other items. I just happened to look behind the side of the house as we were leaving and saw against a wall. Asked about it and got it ! When we unloaded it at home, my husband noticed that it had writing on it, with a family name and date, and that it was originally from New Orleans. Neat!!! I love old things!  I also picked up a brand new christian based movie for my class and a zip-lock bag full of Fisher Price doctor kits for the little ones.