Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Inspiration in the mailbox- I love it when I receive another decorating magazine. Love gathering new ideas!
Decorating the mantle for spring
Another new banner- Not a very good picture- but it spells Lemonade
Lavender plant - 1st plant of the season
Love these spring colors
Another plant- Rosemary

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Letter P week

We have a fun filled week planned. I don't know if it's the sunshine that has made me excited about teaching or what but suddenly I have found my way out of my teaching slump. We are learning all about the letter P this week and I planned something fun for every day. On Monday the children dressed in either Pink or Purple. On Tuesday they were able to wear PJ's to school. On Wednesday they wear old clothes because we are going to paint - a lot. On Thursday they are going to dress like a pirate and on Friday we are going to have pizza and pop!  On top of all of that fun, I forgot about Saint Patrick's Day. So today after reading several St. Patrick's Day books, the children decided they wanted to catch a leprechaun. So...... I found an green bucket, blew up a green balloon, the children added glitter and we made a Leprechaun Hotel! They are so excited to see if we catch one after their naps. This my friends is what teaching is all about! When they have fun learning, I have fun teaching and the same goes for them. It has been so much fun today. I love that they use their imagination. Children rarely are allowed to be children anymore. They are just pushed to grow up way too fast these days.
So let them be little and I'll try my best to make memories with them while they are in my care.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dr. Seuss week Part 1

Silly Sock Day
Crazy Hat Day
Some of the Dr. Seuss Presents
Handprint Elephants
1 Fish,2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Art
Green Eggs and Ham

Valentine's Day Party

They all had the cutest little card containers!
They each went home with a bag FULL of goodies. It was like Christmas all over again!  We have the best parents.

Look at my little sweethearts
Thanks for all the nice gifts! My Pre K children and parents are the best!