Monday, July 30, 2012

Can't believe that July is almost over! This month has passed by so very fast. I haven't even had a chance to do the first thing in my classroom!!!!!!!  We have been so busy these last few weeks. We are in revival at our church and it has been so good that I just hate to miss a night. We have also been redoing our living room. Gerald and I just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and our living room  has always been burgundy,green, deer, and ducks. I don't know if it is because I am getting older(that was hard to write-Ha) but I just wanted something different. Wow - did I get different!!!!!!  Granite gray, cream, and white are the new colors I chose. It is different- Gerald does not want to let go of those deerheads, so I told him I could work around them but only if I could have a doe head mount to put a Tiara on!!!!!!  Should of seen the look I received but I am serious.  We still have several weeks of painting  walls and redoing floors but I love just getting all of those burgundys and greens off the walls! I think I will enjoy this new look. My husband also surprised me by getting me a new fireplace mantle and surround for our anniversary!!!  Hope all of you are doing well and hope to see you soon!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A new baby to love!!!!

Katy and Waylon's new baby was born this morning!!!!!!   Little Ava Mae Hendrix weighed 7lbs and 7 ounces!!!  She looks like her daddy to me- I think her eyes look like Kate's eyes though. Her big sisters were so very excited to see her and they  just kept talking about her. I even woke up at 6 A.M. to go to the hospital to see the sweet new one!!!!!