Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas in Pre K

Today when I go home, I know I will receive some strange looks. I literally have blue, red, green, and gold glitter glue in my hair and on my clothes! My watch has splotches of white, acrylic paint on it and I'm pretty sure that the white on top of my shoe is from glue and cotton ball pieces stuck to my shoe! Oh the joy of Pre K during Christmas season!


It seemed like we had walked in a valley for so long. Financial, health wise, job and spiritual trials seemed all that we lived. It seemed that we were facing trials almost daily.   Since last March, my husbands job downsized and while he was blessed to be one of the ones to keep his, he only worked 32 hours a week. Going from 65/72 hours weekly to 32 hours a week was horrible. Looking back though, I can see where God never, ever left us. While we had to make some hard decisions during this time, God always was there beside us. Every time it looked like we just would not have quite enough paycheck, God always sent work for my husband.( He is a welder and an electrician but he loves the electrician part the most. )He was asked to wire a brand new house for a couple that go to our church. Then another pastor found out that he was working on that home and had him do work at his house and church! Another time, we were just sitting at home and he received a phone call for another electrician job and that friend told a friend and that friend told another friend! My husband said he didn't know where the extra hours were going to come from, or where they were going to be but he learned that God would send them. He even got a job offer offshore with a good company and he passed all of his physicals and exams and even had a start date. He kept telling me that he just didn't feel right about taking it and I felt the same way. He started fasting and praying about it and he called me and told me that he had turned it down. He said that he felt that that was not where God wanted him and that he wanted to be closer to our son and I. Don't get me wrong, a lot of people have spouses that work offshore and they make it work. Some even love it. It just didn't seem right for us at the time. It was kinda scary turning that job down but we just put our trust in God. It wasn't but a few hours later that a friend sent my husband a text about a possible job opening where he worked that might be coming available. My husband sent in his information and waited on a phone call. And do you know what happened a month later? He was given the job!!!!  A job not even a mile from his old one. The benefits- day job , more hours per week, climate controlled environment, awesome bosses, and more money per hour. Every other weekend he has Friday,Saturday, and Sunday off to spend with his family and to go to church. Does this mean that we won't still face trials? No, because this is life and trials are a part of it. But I can tell you that God is so good. Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith and put our trust in Him. So if you are facing trials in your life, know that God is right beside you and in His time, not ours, everything will work out.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Feeling Blessed!

Today, we have finished all but 1 story card and worksheet. It is 11:00  The children have played with play-doh, completed 3 worksheets, played in PE, and practiced their music for their play. Now, they are playing with puzzles. As I sit here tears come to my eyes and I realize how very blessed I am. In front of me are 9 precious children busily playing with their puzzles and happily talking to each other. They are so happy. I wished their parents could see what I am privileged to see. Every so often,  out of the blue , one of them will say- "Mrs. Tammy, I love you." and I of course will say it right back. And, you know what, I do. I truly do. Yes, there are days when I wonder why God chose me to do this job and some days are crazier than others. Sometimes I wonder if I'm appreciated and if I'm even making a difference in their little lives to even be worthy of appreciation. I may not make a 3 figure salary but I'll take these little people over a corporate board room any day. I am so appreciative of being chosen to work at our little school.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving in Pre K

The girls dressed like pilgrims and the boys dressed like Native Americans. We had several out so I was only able to snap a few pictures. They were adorable.
Their tepees were so creative!
They all brought a can food item. We donated the can food to Bro. Loves Food Ministry Program. Kamri, Steven, and Chaeli all attend Bro. Love's church.
Just one of the many art projects we did to celebrate this time of the year.
Beautiful Leaves!
Each child brought a fruit and we made a Friendship Salad. This was after a week long learning lesson on the Pilgrims and Native Americans where the children learned about friendship and sharing.