Friday, March 30, 2012

Garden/Insect unit comming up soon!

Loving these 2 new books for the children! I can't wait for our garden/insect unit to begin. Lots of fun activities for the little ones!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today is so beautiful. The sun is shining, the temp. just right and life is changing. Today my husband worked in the garden planting sweet corn, turnips, carrots, swiss chard, onions and greens. Soon we will see things changing in that little patch of ground. Just like that ground is changing so are the lives of people around us that we see everyday. Yesterday I learned that my aunt has colon cancer. I do not yet know what this will do to our family but I know one thing, it will change it. I heard that change in my mom's voice when she called to tell me.  A really good friend of mine, Carolyn, lost her mother suddenly last week and now her world is forever changed. I guess what I trying to say to myself as well as to others,  is that life is short and  the petty things that keep us from talking to one another, or to hold a grudge, just really should not matter. Life is short. We can not even begin to know the changes that life will bring us. Some of those changes will be good - some not but we can live each day to the fullest starting now.

Happy Birthday Trade!

Happy Birthday Trade! WOW ! I can't believe your old enough to be in school. It seems like just yesterday your older brother Lane was in my class and you were not even born. Now, look at you! You remind me of your brother so much but yet you have your own really neat personality. So glad I get to see you grow!

Look at this really neat playhouse that was given to me for our class! Almost brand new with a windowbox, working doorbell, and more! Thanks Jason & Casey!

Love these Wooden Easter Eggs given to us by a parent.
The children will have a great time planting these seeds and another view of the playhouse.

They had so much fun decorating their bunnies!
Love this picture of me and a student! Love my long blue hair! Ha They sure do make my day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dee Scallan is coming to our school!!!!!!

I was cleaning out a tub of teaching stuff from many years ago, and found an old newspaper clipping(Oct. 2008) about a Pre K teacher turned author. She writes books about our great state of Louisiana. Just on a whim, I contacted her about coming to our school to give a performance. She told me that she had a few dates left and then told me that the cost is usually $800.00 for her to come to the school, set up all her props, and do the performance. Well we are a small private school and I knew that we couldn't spare that expense at this time. But God always works things out doesn't he? She told me that she had received several grants from the Louisiana Crawfish Coalition and that if we would just write to them to tell them how thankful we were, we could have one of them!!!!! Yeah!!!!! So we are so excited to have someone so wonderful coming to our school and so excited for our children!!!!

Learning can be fun!

We just finished our Potato Project for March. The children all brought in a Potato. They learned that they come in different sizes and shapes. They learned that potatoes have eyes!  The children learned that potatoes can be eaten many different ways. They graphed which way they like to eat potatoes, they found out that after potatoes are fried they float because most of  the water content is removed. Mrs. Ann let them see her cut up the potatoes and fry them.The best part of the lesson was eating a big helping of fresh cooked fries! They really enjoyed that!!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thanks to Dina and Aiden for thinking of our class even though Aiden is in K now. This is something that will be used a lot in our class!
LOVE Emma Rae's shirt!!! Just had to share- You know I love crowns. My blog is called QUEEN of 4s!!!!! Ha

Stormy weather - Awanas canceled for tonight

The weather today has been stormy. Lots of rain and wind. We have learned that during some of the worst of the storm, we were in chapel. I like the feeling of knowing that when the worst of the weather was upon us, most of the staff and children at our school were basically unaware. We were to busy listening to some of the best teaching I have heard.  Our minds were on God and not on the happenings outside our school. Afterwards we learned that homes and places near our school were damaged during the storm. We will be praying for those in our community that suffered during this time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!

Spring is here!!!!!! This morning these were some of the sights that greeted me when I walked out the door- beautiful roses starting to open,my jasmine on the front porch should open any day,(can't wait- the whole porch and front yard will  smell sweet)and the leaves on my new tree have started to come out. I love, love spring!!!! Maybe if the weather is pretty this weekend, we can clean out the front flower beds and plant some more!
Tracer and John
Kalli singing at Saturday's game
Tracer and Artie the Rabbit after winning 3rd place at the 4-H pet show.
He is such a sweet, calm rabbit and he loves children! Way to go Tracer! Mom and Dad are really proud of you and all you do.

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Mrs. Roxanne and Kelly Jo brought a large cake and Leprechaun punch for the class. It was so big, we invited Pre K 3 and Kindergarten to join us! They all enjoyed the cake and punch. The Leprechaun came into our class while the children were sleeping. Gold glitter was all over their table and he left the children green balloons. They also discovered that in his hurry to leave our class, he dropped his hat in the bathroom! Oh my- did they have fun trying to find Mr. Leprechaun.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fun new learning in our classroom!

We are currently learning how to count to 10 in Spanish. They are really picking up on this faster than I thought. We are also learning some color words in spanish and sight words too!

Today we talked about rainbows and the colors that make up a rainbow. The children were then given strips of those colors to make a 3-D rainbow. I loved how they turned out. More pictures will be posted tomorrow!
Today we talked about kites and about our shape of the month-diamond. The children made a diamond shaped kite and then "flew" it around the room in front of our classroom fan. They had so much fun!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cute art project & they are growing up so fast!

For their homework one night the parents traced their children's feet and the children decorated them with opposites. For example: clean feet-dirty feet but my favorite was Macie's feet- smell good feet, smell bad feet! Ha- too cute!
The children love having the water cooler in the room- Thanks again Parents!. At first, I was filling the cups for them and now they tell me, "We can do it Mrs. Tammy" and you know what -they can.I have tried my best this year to not baby them to much. They pour their own snack, tear off the paper towels from the roll, fold their own blankets and mats at nap time and choose their own centers. Sometimes I help- but only if they ask me. They are such a great group of children. It is so hard to believe that the end is almost here.  My mind does not want to think about this. It is always such a bittersweet time for me. I am so proud that of the things they have learned but part of me feels sad. It always makes me so proud when they learn a new skill. Even though I have worked hard to foster their independence, they will always be my babies. God may  have only blessed  us with one biological child, but he has filled our hearts with many children in the 22 years that I have worked with children and for this I am thankful.