Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last days of Summer.

Well it's that time again! Back to school. I have really enjoyed my summer. I hope to catch up on blog pictures and posting about Summer after school starts. Hope all of the little ones are ready for our new adventure- See you soon- Love, Mrs. Tammy



Just a little reminder- While those little backpacks are so cute they will not work for our pre-k children. They will be bringing their full size 3 ring binder home daily and the binder MUST be able to fit in their backpack.  Also, all children must wear tennis shoes in the morning because they have PE first. You may send another pair of shoes in their backpack for them to change into after P.E.  While we do not mind if they bring a small stuffed loved doll or animal for rest time, they are NOT allowed to bring toys to school. We can not be responsible for the toys and it causes problems with the children fighting over them.