Friday, March 8, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week!

Oh did we have fun! So much fun and they learned while having fun- and isn't that what it is all about? I have lots of Dr. Seuss items- around 3 large tote boxes full. I was unable to get them out of storage due to the fact that my husband just spent 9 days in the hospital with double pneumonia.  I missed several days of work and stayed every night  at the hospital with him. Which meant that I did not have any time to plan anything for this week. Everyone knows that you can not sleep in the hospital. So between being totally exhausted and not having any time to do anything, we didn't think we could pull it off but thanks to Ms. Jennifer and all of our wonderful parents it turned out great!
Thing 1 and Thing 2 Hand Print Art
Mrs. Jennifer's mom made this beautiful quilt and don't you just love the Dr. Seuss door?
The children were able to give the Grinch a heart if they were good all day!
Look at all those different fish!
Silly Sock Day
A visit from the Cat in the Hat!
Cute Lorax cookies!~ Thanks Layla and Rhett!
The children enjoyed PJ day, Popcorn. and the Lorax Movie Thursday. They enjoyed watching the popcorn pop- I love the look of pure joy on Macie's face! Priceless!
The calm after the storm- We said no nap today but as you can see most couldn't help but fall asleep!
Love these cute litle feet of opposites!
Such cute egg pictures!
loved that they signed their name to this Thank You Card
Thought that Mrs. Jennifers quilt would make a great backdrop so I painted a frame to add a little fun to the pics!
My babies are so, so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the book and thank you for the message in it! Loved it!!!! Thanks Ethan!
More Party Pictures Coming Soon!!!!!  And they are too cute!!!!