Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So very Thankful!

My whole life I have heard the phrase- "There are benefits in living for God." This weekend we experienced this  and our so very grateful for God's grace. My husband, son and another guy went duck hunting on the game reserve. After getting a ways out into the water, their boat started to take on water. They were left in the water without  a boat and without phones to call for help. (Because they got wet when their waders started filling with water)  All they could do was cling to some tree saplings and tried not to let the water that was in their waders pull them under. All three screamed for help and prayed. At one point they all thought they were not going to make it. Even if they could somehow get their waders off, they knew the water was too cold for them to safely swim all the way back to land. After about 15 minutes, a guy and his young son heard them and came to see what was going on. The man said that he almost didn't come because he thought that it was just a bunch of teenagers playing around. We are so thankful that he changed his mind and came anyway. He was having to come to them a different way then they came in and he tore his duck blind on his boat and other things. He was able to get them to shore and we are so thankful that he was there. While all of them now have a cold and sore throats, it could have been so much worse. My husband and son are on antibiotics and breathing treatments. It was only after it was all over, that we realized that Tracer had forgotten his inhaler (for his asthma) and that he could have and should have ( given the circumstances ) had an asthma attack. We are so thankful that God heard and answered their prayers that morning.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Phonics: Sounds of F
Writing: F and f
Color: Blue
Shape: Star
Spanish word: azul = blue
Language Development: Forest Animals  Family  Flowers
Bible: Beside the Pool
Bible Verse: "God is love." 1 John 4:8
Art: Winter Art
Number: Counting 1-30
Number Writing: 11
Number Concepts: circle the correct number of objects
January Parent/Child Connection: Snowperson
Nursery Rhyme: Hey Diddle Diddle
Letter Story: Freddy Fish

Test on Friday: Spelling the color word Blue

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Test on Friday!

Testing on Bible Verse on Friday!  We will also have a test on the last 8 letters we have learned in class on Monday. This test will count as a GRADE not just points! Please help your child study!

Some fun things we will be doing this week as we learn the letter R are Roaring like a lion, Hop like a rabbit, and make Raindrops.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rain & Clouds

Perfect weather for curling up with a cup of Hot Chocolate and a good book! Speaking of books, our new Scholastic order will go home with your child tomorrow.  Due back on Friday.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Started my journal writing yesterday. I loved writing down 3 things heard that was a gift. My 3 things were 1. the laughter of my daddy

                     2 .the sound of the raindrops
                     3  the sound of my husband's truck pulling into the driveway


Today is our first day back from our Christmas break and we were welcomed with a new face in our group! Miss Caitlyn joined our class today. Welcome Caitlyn!


Phonics: Letter G sound
Writing: Writing letter G
Color: Blue
Shape: Star
Spanish Word: review words learned
Language Development: Garden-Groceries-Games
Bible: Jonah
Bible Verse: What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee. Psalms 56:3
Art: Snowmen
Number: 10
Writing: Number 10
Special Days: -
Concepts: Go/Stop
Jan. Parent/Child Connection: Snowperson
Nursery Rhyme: Mary,Mary quite contrary
Letter Story: Gomer Goat

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone.

Tracer and The Duck Commanders!

Tracer loves Duck Hunting. I think it suits his personality better than deer hunting because he doesn't have to be as still and he can still talk! So needless to say, he received lots of Duck Hunting and Duck Commander items for Christmas. Personally, I'll be glad when school starts back so I can get a break from all things duck-especially those calls! He even had the chance to go to the Cory Barr (Chef from Cotten's) and the Beards night at Austin's in Monroe. He met Godwin, Jep,Willie, Miss Kaye, and Jep's wife Jessica. He also met Chef Cory Barr and loved the duck wraps he prepared at the event. Mrs. Jamie surprised Tracer with a Framed print full of pictures from that night. He loved it!