Thursday, August 28, 2014

Snack Time!

These Pre K parents are so creative! You are all sending the neatest snack bags for the children. They are loving it. Thanks to all of you!

Listening Ears

Miss Taylor was leaving early- so I snapped this pic. on her way out the door. What a cutie pie!

Happy Pre K Faces

Getting ready for Circle Time
I love those Listening Ears!

Q Tip painting- A fine Motor Skill Activity


Thanks so much!

A very special Thank You to Jackson's grandparents/guardians who purchased this 32" TV for our class!  We can't thank you enough!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What was she dreaming about?

Just had to snap this picture of Miss Chaeli the other day during nap. She had one shoe off and was under her mat!

Name Trains

Activities to help with their Fine Motor Skills

Since so many children play on computers, I-phones, and I-pads they are coming to me weaker and weaker in their fine motor skills. They must have good fine motor skills to be able to hold a pencil correctly, scissors correctly and to be able to write their letters. Please let your children play with clothespins, tear newspapers, play with puzzles with knobs, play with play-dough, paint with brushes, and one of the best and non messy activities is to place a large sheet of plain paper on a wall a give them sheets of cheap stickers to create their own mural on that paper. It helps their muscles in their arm become stronger. Here they are picking up different size pom-poms with clothespins!

Happy New Baby Day!

Chaeli  has a new baby brother to love! Send us pictures Chaeli.


Thanks for all the prayers for my back!  When I went to the doctor they discovered I had pulled some ligaments in my back and thigh. So after a round of steroid shots and pain shots and all the prayers from my little ones,  I am feeling much better today. I hate to miss during the first couple of months of school, it just throws their little routine off.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pre K Days

The children enjoyed a Fine Motor Skill activity (tearing paper)and they learned how to use a Glue Stick. We call our glue sticks- Peek a Boo Glue- because we just need the glue to "Peek a Boo" over the rim. This helps them to not use all of their glue at one time and make a mess!
Happy Birthday Jesse!

Outside Fun