Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We are learning long vowel sounds

The children have mastered short vowel sounds and now they are learning their long vowel sounds.
They now know that E says E as in Eagle   I says I as in Ice Cream   A says A as in Acorn
O says O as in Open   and U says U as in Uniform. Have your child tell you the LONG vowel sounds.

A view of our day

Mrs Hilary read the little ones a story about farm animals and then the children used farm animal sponges to make prints.
Farm lacing cards
I read the children a book about Tractors and then each child made their own tractors.
They colored and cut out ducks for our Farm board.
Even the fish had fun watching all of our little "Farmers".
Look at these adorable cowgirl boots Miss LillyBelle had on.
Cute braids

                                                      Some of their farm animal paintings

Little Farmers